Manual Physical Therapy

Name : Laine Sabey
Hours of Operation :
By appointment

Service Provided

Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy.

Personal Trainer.

Salon Professional Info

I am a physical therapist that is doing things a little differently than the traditional PT model. When most people think of PT they think of the big clinic with a gym. That is definitely one model of PT that is very common. What I am doing is more one on one and hands on. When you go to a big clinic you are lucky if you see the PT for 10-15 minutes of your hour session and the rest of the time you are with an aide or exercise specialist or maybe just on your own. I am spending the entire hour with the patient and doing whatever manual therapy and/or modalities that are needed and then I will give the patient the appropriate stretches and exercises to do at home. I feel like this is a model that is better suited to help many people.

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